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Arega Kebede, Amhara region administration head speaking during the consultative meeting in the region. (Photo : screenshot from AMC news video)


Government authorities in the Amhara region are reportedly conducting an evaluative meeting focusing on security and governance issues. The region’s senior and mid-level officials are participating in the evaluative meeting, which is taking place in the regional capital, Bahir Dar, this week.

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, a state media outlet, cited Arega Kebede, the head of the regional administration, who was appointed to the position in late August amid the escalating political and security crisis in the region. He stated, “Ensuring the rule of law and durable peace is a priority.”

The regional administration further claims that peace has been restored in many parts of the region. There are also reports from state media indicating that the curfew in some towns in the region has been extended to 9:00 P.M. due to the improved security situation.

In a speech given to the Ethiopian parliament in August of this year, former President of the Region and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andarchachewdeclared that the ruling party has lost legitimacy in the region and has no future. He added that the problems in the region can only be resolved through peaceful means and that the defense force needs to return to its barracks.

Despite claims of restored peace, reports from private local media outlets indicate that the war is still ongoing in many parts of the Amhara region. Residents from North Shoa have reported recurring drone strikes, resulting in an unspecified number of civilian casualties.

Continued fighting is reported in North and South Wollo, Shoa, Gojjam, and Gondar areas of the region. Government forces are implicated in shelling civilian residential areas with artillery and are also accused of extensive human rights abuses. In the latest recorded extrajudicial executions, government forces reportedly executed a deputy branch manager of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in Sirikina, located about five kilometers from Woldia, North Wollo.

Fano, volunteer forces, are battling government forces to reverse what they call an existential threat. There are thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians who have been massacred in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in

His government introduced a state of emergency in the region with the pretext of an invitation from the regional administration to restore order in the region. Since April of this year, there have been about three rounds of military operations in the region with the aim of disarming Fano within a week’s time, which has not yet been achieved.


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