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His Grace Abune Ezekiel (Photo : SM/File)


His Grace Abune Ezekiel, Keffa Sheka and Bench Maji Zone Dioceses Archbishop was reportedly detained in his episcopal see.

He returned to his Diocese after attending Holy Synod Meeting in the capital Addis Ababa.

What was reported was that a group of young people, apparently with political motivation and believed to have been organized by radical political forces, blew horns around 7 a.m. , headed to his cell and threw rocks to the roof of his room.

He was supposed to be meeting with heads of district-level dioceses in the zone.

Messay Mekonnen, from Anchor Media, on Thursday, said he spoke to him on the phone and that he confirmed that there was a problem. His Grace Abune Ezekiel said security forces arrived shortly and dissolved the situation. However, he said that he was not clear as to who was doing that and that needs to be investigated.

In February 2023, he was detained at Jimma Airport in the Oromia Region as he was returning to his Dioceses from a meeting in Addis Ababa. ( Read the story here)

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has been facing unprecedented political pressure in its history.  Attacks have become more common and there has been a relentless effort to divide the Holy Synod along ethnic lines.

Abiy Ahmed’s government and the political system he has created have noticeably weakened the Church.


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