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Debre Markos city (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over one hundred civilians may have been killed in Debre Markos, the capital of East Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region, between 25 and 27 August 2023 in a fight held between the Defence Forces and Fano combatants, sources said.

A medical doctor, at Debre Markos Specialized Hospital, who wanted to remain anonymous told Addis Malada that more than one hundred people were killed at a place named Bole in the town. The doctor said that the bodies of the deceased were seen littered around the roads for over two days.

“Some people picked the bodies, be that of Muslims or Christians, littered around and buried them in a symmetry located at St Mariam Church and at spots located around. There are still others that have not been buried until Monday,” the doctor said.

Many wounded civilians who were not taken to the hospital due to lack of transport and human movement were believed to lose their lives.

Manager of Debre Markos General Specialized Hospital, Andualem Geremew said that 25 injured civilians were admitted to the hospital from Friday, 25 August to Monday 28 August 2023. “Three of them, aged between 17 and 50 years old, died instantly,” the Manager told Addis Maleda.

The Manager further said that due to the ongoing fighting in the area, hospital experts have not been able to move and do their work as expected and patients are not getting services at the hospital.

Following this, the manager said that people with non-communicable diseases are not being treated at the facility. “We are facing a shortage of drugs. If the security problem continues like this, the hospital will be in big trouble.” he added.

Apart from Debre-Markos General Specialized Hospital, there are eight other neighbouring primary hospitals. Due to lack of transport services, the patients who need referral treatment are in trouble because they cannot come to the hospital, according to the hospital manager.

It was pointed out that there was no movement of people or vehicles in Debre-Markos over the last four days during the fight held between the government security forces and Fano Militants.


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