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Tigray Police Authority (Photo source: Tesfa News)


Four people reportedly killed and twenty others wounded in a grenade attack in Mekelle, seat of the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia.

According to local sources, it happened around 2: 00 A.M. on Friday according to sources.

Mekelle Police have confirmed the attack. A former Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) combatant is said to be behind the attack and he is at large.

Motive of the attack or what caused it is yet to be established.

An estimated hundreds of thousands of Ethnic Tigreans have been killed during the war between the TPLF and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration . The warring factions have formed a new political and military alliance after the Pretoria agreement.

Earlier in the week, a colorful Ashenda festival was celebrated in Mekelle and many other parts of the region.  Abiy Ahmed’s Oromo Prosperity party sent delegates, whose seized the occasion to call for cooperation in the struggle against what they call ‘neftegna’

There have been reports of discontent in Tigray with the TPLF administration.


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