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Leader of the four opposition parties in Tigray that formed a new political covenant for radical change (photo : DW Amharic)


Four registered opposition parties in Ethiopia’s Tigray region have recently unveiled a groundbreaking alliance aimed at instigating fundamental change within the region. The “Covenant for Radical Change”  signifies the importance of a transformative shift rather than mere reform.

The coalition comprises the Tigray Independence Party, Arena Tigray for Sovereignty and Democracy, Salsay Woyane, and Tigray National Shengo, as reported by DW Amharic.

In a joint press statement from Mekelle, the capital of Tigray, these parties highlighted the dire political, economic, and social crises engulfing the region ( and it is safe to say that similar conditions exist in the rest of Ethiopia). They criticized the current ruling political group in the region for indulging in power struggles and illicit activities instead of addressing these pressing issues.

Accusations of human trafficking against members of the Tigray regional administration have been raised by the four opposition parties constituting the “Covenant for Fundamental Change,” according to a DW Amharic report.

Dejen Mezgebe, Chairperson of the Tigray Independence Party, accused Tigray authorities of involvement in stealing war remnant metals and food aid, transitioning now to human trafficking with Eritreans and youth in the Tigray region.

Arena Tigray, another opposition party in the region, revealed from its regional survey that drought and starvation are exacerbating. Amdom Gebreselassie, Chairman of Arena Tigray, said TPLF political and military leaders have been in prolonged meetings despite the escalating starvation in the region, according to DW Amharic report.

The alliance emphasizes the need for an all-encompassing transitional administration in Tigray to tackle the region’s multifaceted challenges. They vow to persist in a “legal and peaceful” struggle to drive meaningful change.

This move towards radical change represents a departure from Ethiopia’s recent history, primarily focused on reforming the defunct “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front” (EPRDF).

In 2018, Abiy Ahmed assumed office as Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, championing a reformative agenda. However, after five years, political instability persists, exacerbated by widespread security crises. Economically, the cost of living in the country has become unbearable for millions and Ethiopia has reached a point where it is unable to meet foreign debt interest payments. Abiy Ahmed’s tenure has also witnessed devastating conflicts in the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions. The war in the Amhara region is still ongoing as Abiy Ahmed’s government remained intransigent to resolve the conflict through dialogue.


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