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Getachew Reda (Photo : Tigray TV)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –(BORKENA) While celebrating Meskel Holiday (finding of the True Cross) in Mekelle Town of Tigray Region, President of the Interim Administration of the Region, Getachew Reda said that a “Day of Mourning” would be observed all over the Region as of the coming week.

Getachew said addressing the people that Tigray would remember its children who have fallen during the recent bloody civil war.

President Getachew said that all should not forget that this year’s Meskel was celebrated while people who were displaced from their localities are suffering from hunger and thirst due to persecution.

“Those who lost their lives for the sake of the people should always be remembered and honoured. While celebrating Meskel Holiday, we should take into account that we are making ourselves ready to declare a national day of mourning. It should be done by making a promise to continue to honour the families of the martyrs and those who sacrificed themselves for our sake,” Getachew said.

“When we remember the martyrs, and when we honour those who split their blood, it should be in such a way that we will have to develop the fields and mountains where they fell down… Let’s rebuild the demolished infrastructures in an organized and orderly manner,” the president said.

Apart from cementing the peace agreement, all should do their part in supporting the peaceful and political struggle we are conducting so that displaced compatriots can return to their areas and the lands that are occupied forcefully be brought back to the right owners, Getached called on the people.


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