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Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
April 14, 2024

‘Top Secret’ Talks Underway To Mediate Ethiopia, Somalia On MoU Saga

Presidents Ismail Omar Guelleh and William Ruto are facilitating “highly confidential” talks in Nairobi in a bid to find a way out for the impasse between Ethiopia and Somalia, sources…
Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
April 14, 2024

EBG Earmarks ETB 5 Billion For New Automotive Assembly Lines

The state-owned Ethio-Engineering Group is set to shell out nearly five billion birr on the launch of new domestic assembly lines for heavy, dump, and pickup trucks. The former Metals…
Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
April 11, 2024

Fed To Reinstate Duties On Khat Exporters As State Revenues Continue To Slump

This year’s total export earnings hover at USD 2.16bln Worries over declining state revenues from the export of khat have led authorities at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration…

Shemelis Desta

Personal Photographer to Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia

Shemelis Desta was an official court photographer for Emperor Haile Selassi of Ethiopia.
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