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Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
May 29, 2024

Pending Railway Corp Restructuring Envisions Private Sector Involvement

Gov’t considering railway connections to neighboring ports including Lamu The federal government is considering an overhaul of the state-owned Ethiopian Railway Corporation that would enable it to get involved in…
Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
May 28, 2024

Ministry Calls For ‘dignified Discourse And Discussion’ With US

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called this week for “sincere discussions” with representatives of the US government following heated exchanges over a speech made by Ambassador Ervin Massinga earlier this…
Ethiopian News Main ImageEthiopian News
May 28, 2024

Manufacturing Exports Slide Despite Surge In Financing, Industrial Input Supply

Parliament urges minimum wage for factory workers A sharp uptick in the import of industrial inputs and access to credit has not translated to growth in manufacturing exports, which have…

Shemelis Desta

Personal Photographer to Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia

Shemelis Desta was an official court photographer for Emperor Haile Selassi of Ethiopia.
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