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Royal Mail is our shipping partner.

Shemelis Desta and Mr. Fire Limited use Royal Mail shipping rates without additional mark-up for handling. Sometimes our shipping costs seems expensive. We are billed by dimensional, rather than actual weight rates by our carrier. So while our artwork may not weigh a lot, the size of the packaging required to protect your artwork while in transit is substantial. Since we are a small, family-owned business, we do not do the high-volume of shipping that allows us huge discounts nor the ability to subsidize shipping costs they way super-sized online retailers would.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS:Shemelis Desta and Mr. Fire Limited is NOT responsible for duties, tariffs, brokerage fees nor individual country import rules and regulations. International Customers, Also,Shemelis Desta and Mr. Fire Limited has discontinued offering Royal Mail as an International Shipping method due to lack of consistency and controls.

NOTE FOR PO BOX ADDRESSES: Please provide a physical address so we can ship your order via Royal Mail. If you require an alternate shipping method, please contact us at [email protected]