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ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – As the government failed to shoulder its responsibilities and obligations to protect the Media Council says gov’t fails to protect media institutions, professionals, the sector has been exposed to risk, it was disclosed.

Many complaints have been raised frequently in recent times in connection with the detainment and arrest of journalists and the pressure imposed against the media, according to a local FM Radio.

President of Ethiopian Media Council, Amare Aregawi, who was contacted by Ahadu FM Radio, recalled that the body that supervises the media through the government was expected to be independent and accountable to the parliament, which is legally responsible to appoint the board. This was reportedly the legal procedure taken for granted. However, after this has been agreed upon and ratified, the government itself has gone far to the contrary appointing the board by itself. This has created grievances and the Council submitted complaints regarding the illegal procedure; but to no avail, Amare said.

The president further said that the problems that arise in connection to the media in this country are not on the issues of law. The problems in the media sector have rather been emanated from the poor implementation of the law, according to Amare.

While the government should protect the journalists and the media, it has not done so. It has not been living up to its expectations, according to the president of the Ethiopian Media Council.


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