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An investigation into the unlawful detainment and alleged physical assault of two senior staff members of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Addis Ababa regional office has yet to hold perpetrators accountable.

Two weeks ago, two AfDB employees were “unlawfully arrested, physically assaulted, and detained for many hours by elements of the security forces without any official explanation.” In a statement issued today, the Bank confirmed the news that has been widely circulated over the past two weeks.

The staff members were released following an immediate reaction from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), according to the statement.

The Bank has lodged a formal complaint with Ethiopian authorities and the PM’s Office has ordered an immediate investigation into the incident.

“This is a very serious diplomatic incident . . . The government has formally acknowledged our complaint, recognized the gravity of the incident, and reassured us that all those involved in breaking the law will be thoroughly investigated and brought to justice, ensuring transparency and full accountability,” reads the AfDB statement.

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