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At least 20 ethnic Amhara civilians were reportedly killed in the latest attack by ethnic Oromo radical groups in the Wollega area of ​​the Oromo regional state.

According to a report from Ethio News, a local news outlet with sources from across the country, the attack occurred this week in the Horo Guduru zone, Abi Dengoo district.

The demographic composition of the victims and whether their funerals have been carried out are unspecified.

As has been the case before, the Ethiopian government did not provide information to the public about the incident.

The militant wing of the Oromo Liberation Front, which rebranded itself as the “Oromo Liberation Army,” is believed to be behind a series of massacres in the area that have claimed thousands of innocent ethnic Amhara civilians over the past five years.

The Oromo Federalist Congressone of the largest ethnic Oromo political parties, came up with a new narrative this week regarding the ceaseless massacres of ethnic Amharas in the Wollega area of ​​the Oromia region.

It alleges that it is a government orchestration to tarnish the image of the “Oromo Liberation Army.” It went further to claim that it is Fano – volunteer groups battling government forces in the Amhara region- that are behind the killings in Wollega.


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