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Heads of the Ethiopian Media Council and the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission have reached a consensus to collaborate on mobilizing media platforms to contribute to the upcoming national dialogue.

“The role of media experts is important to making the national dialogue effective,” said Mesfin Araya (Prof.), head of the Commission.

He has called for collaborative efforts to make the dialogue platforms accessible to the public, including discussions with various sectors of society.

Amare Aregawi, chairperson of the Media Council, observes the powers and responsibilities bestowed upon the Commission present a unique opportunity to solve problems in the country that have been piling up for centuries.

“We have reached a consensus to continue to discuss the strategic plans prepared by the Commission on how the media can make the dialogue accessible to the public, and to work together by growing the capacity of journalists through training using its own resources,” said Amare.

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The Council is a voluntary and self-regulatory umbrella organization for media organizations, community media and journalists in Ethiopia.

The Commission, on the other hand, is a nationally owned initiative launched in 2022 to facilitate inclusive national dialogue that pertains to resolving grand problems the nation has been facing for years and that could not be resolved through conventional modalities.

The Commission recently announced it is preparing to launch the agenda-gathering phase of the upcoming dialogue. It is working to identify participants from all walks of life to take part.

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