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Melatework Hailu has been sworn in as the new chairman of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEB).

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The 6th House of People’s Representatives, 9th regular meeting of the 3rd term, approved here today the appointment of Melatework Hailu as Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

It was indicated from the biography presented by Tesfaye Beljige, Whip Minister of the House of Peoples Representatives, that Melatework Hailu was previously serving as the head of the office of the Ethiopian Electoral Board.

The House of People’s Representatives approved Melatework as the Chairperson of NEBE by majority vote and with one abstention.

The newly appointed Chair of the Electoral Board of Ethiopia, Melatework, appeared before the House of People’s Representatives and took an oath to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to her with honesty, diligence and efficiency.

At the beginning of this month, December 2023 Candidates Recruitment Committee said through its Chairman that it had received 56 nominees of whom four were women.

That time Melatework Hailu and Tadesse Lemma were made public as the final candidates to lead NEBE as chairperson.

The two final candidates were later presented to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) who picked Melatework as chair of NEBE.


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