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Students and teaching staff at Addis Ababa’s Andinet International School are protesting an abrupt decision from the school’s administration to fire five teachers.

The five employees terminated were acting as the faculty’s representative in salary negotiations with the school administration.
Protesters say the school promised a 75 percent pay raise to teachers earlier this year, following a doubling of student tuition fees.
The rise, according to the administration, was due to an exodus of teaching staff and the resulting strain on payroll.

However, teacher salaries have only grown 10 percent since — a fraction of the promised raise.
This dissonance has fueled widespread dissatisfaction among the teaching staff.

The school’s parent-teacher committee disclosed that teachers had consistently sought resolutions through written appeals, including a plea to the Ministry of Education for intervention.

Matters took a drastic turn when five teachers, elected as representatives by their peers, were summarily dismissed during a meeting where faculty and staff sought solutions, including the formation of a workers’ union.
Faculty and students organized a peaceful protest on the school premises this morning (December 11, 2023).

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