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In the vibrant landscape of Ethiopia’s automotive industry, Kaki Motors Company has emerged as a trailblazer, setting new standards and redefining excellence. With a rich history spanning over 19 years, Kaki Motors has established itself as a prominent player in the export, import, manufacturing, transport, and service sectors.

Led by its visionary major shareholders, Kahsay Kidane and his family, the company has recently achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Isuzu vehicle assembly center in Ethiopia, which is inaugurated on October 14, 2023 at the presence of higher government officials and industry players.

This state-of-the-art factory, built under the technical support and supervision of Isuzu Motors Company, facilitates the transfer of invaluable knowledge and cutting-edge technology to Ethiopia’s automotive industry.

It will revolutionize the local automotive manufacturing landscape by producing 2,500 trucks per year.

Established in 2003, Kaki Motors boasts an extensive business portfolio that encompasses various sectors, including export, import, manufacturing, transport, and service. The company has also made strategic investments, holding shares in 13 commercial banks and 2 industries.

As an official dealer of Isuzu for vehicles and spare parts, Kaki Motors has garnered a wealth of experience in supplying Isuzu Trucks and parts. Additionally, the company has earned recognition as one of the leading exporters of agricultural commodities and a trusted freight transport service provider.

Kaki Motors’ establishment of the Isuzu vehicle assembly, sales, and after-sales center plays a pivotal role in job creation and bolstering the national economy.

Presently, Kaki Motors operates five vehicle and six spare parts centers, along with a dedicated repair service center and a primary spare parts and storage depot.

However, the company’s ambitions extend far beyond its current capacities. Kaki Motors aims to increase its production from the existing 200 vehicles per year to an impressive 2,500 vehicles per year. Such expansion plans are projected to generate over 1,500 additional jobs within the next five years, further contributing to the reduction of unemployment and fostering the growth of the national workforce.

During the grand inauguration ceremony, Gebremichael Girmay, the Managing Director of Kaki Motors, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s accomplishments and its positive impact on the nation.

He emphasized that Kaki Motors has been actively involved in various sectors for over two decades.

The Managing Director highlighted the pivotal role played by the Isuzu vehicle assembly center in reducing unemployment and bolstering the country’s economy. “Our company places utmost importance on the development of human resources,” he stated. He emphasized that they engage with various educational institutions and actively seek to hire graduate students with exceptional academic achievements. The aim is to provide them with opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical settings.

Additionally, he highlighted that they have established a training center to offer continuous education, ensuring that professionals stay up-to-date with modern practices and technology.

During the inauguration, Mansur Ahmed, President of Isuzu Motors International, conveyed his strong belief in Ethiopia’s vast potential as a rising economic force in Africa. Ahmed stated, “I envision Kaki Motors as the thriving hub of the manufacturing sector in East Africa,” emphasizing the company’s pivotal role in the region’s industrial landscape.

In a detailed presentation during the inauguration, it was highlighted that Kaki Motors has made strategic investments aimed at elevating customer satisfaction. The sales and after-sales center, constructed at a cost of 450 million birr and spanning an impressive 20,000 square meters, signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services.

Similarly, Kaki Motors has established a car body manufacturing factory, offering customers a comprehensive range of options for their specific needs.

This integration of car body manufacturing within the production process has not only expanded customer choices but has also contributed to cost reduction by replacing imported products with high-quality local alternatives.

Moreover, Kaki Motors places utmost importance on providing excellent after-sales service to its valued customers. By implementing a new strategy for spare parts supply, the company ensures seamless availability of genuine spare parts. The dedicated spare parts sales team has witnessed remarkable success, achieving high sales volumes and catering to the diverse needs of customers.

This commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence underscores Kaki Motors’ position as a trusted and reliable partner in the automotive industry.

Taking part during the recent inauguration of Kaki’s Isuzu assembly, the FDRE Minister of Industry H.E Melaku Alebel provided insightful statistics about Ethiopia’s high demand for logistics demand. The minister stipulated despite Ethiopia’s large area of over 1.1 million square kilometers, and road network extending 167,000 kilometers, there is limited players to bridge the huge logistics demand.

Minister Alebel pointed out that despite the vast road network, the total number of vehicles in the country is presently limited to a mere 1.2 million, constituting less than one percent of the population. In light of this, he emphasized the need to align vehicle production with the existing road conditions.

“It is important to establish adequate manufacturing facilities to support not only the importation of vehicles but also domestic production and assembly,” he remarked.

During the inauguration, the Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ito Takako, acknowledged Isuzu’s rich history and international success as the world’s premier truck manufacturer. Whereas, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Alemu Sime, emphasized the economic growth across various sectors resulting from indigenous economic reforms and underscored the significance of promoting locally manufactured vehicles like Kaki Motors to enhance Ethiopia’s logistics performance.

In the realm of Ethiopia’s automotive landscape, Kaki Motors stands at the forefront, setting new benchmarks as the first Isuzu vehicle assembly center in the country. With its rich history, diverse business portfolio, and commitment to economic growth and job creation, the company has solidified its position as a key player in Ethiopia’s automotive industry.

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