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Signpost in Awura Godana Town (Photo : screenshot from EMS video)


Weeks after the Ethiopian government and Amhara regional state reported that most part of the region is restored to “normalcy” – reports emerging from Ethiopia indicate that Fano forces have captured more than 20 cities and towns in different parts of the region.

However, there are areas along the Amhara and Oromia region boundary where Ethiopian government forces reportedly carried out large-scale massacres in a situation although Fano forces were not said to be in the area.

A resident of Awura Godana town in Minjar district- along the vicinity of Addis Ababa-Djibouti road –  on Monday told Ethiopia Media Service on the phone that Ethiopian Defense Force entered the town three days ago and told residents to not carry any firearms and left the town.

Two days later, the Ethiopian Defense Force returned to the town – this time in coordination with Oromia police. According to the source, a war was waged on the residents of the town.

Heavy casualties were reported but the number is unspecified.

A signpost at the entrance of the town that indicates the town’s designation as part of the Amhara regional state is said to have been removed and currently security forces from the Oromia region are in control of the town. Many residents are said to have vacated

The Ethiopian government, as was the case in many parts of the Amhara region, did not remark on the incident in Awura Godana.

In a related development, the Ethiopian Defense Force on Sunday carried out a new drone strike in many parts of Gojjam after Ethiopian forces suffered defeat.  The victims were people who were returning from church service. Again, the number of victims is unspecified.

Journalists and Human rights activists have been denied access to the region – which has been under a state of emergency since early August of this year.

In addition, the internet connection to the region has been shut for more than two months now. The situation has complicated information sharing on the ongoing and extensive human rights violations in the region.

Many of the victims are said to be unarmed civilians as artillery shelling, in addition to drone strikes, targeted residential homes and civilians.


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