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The Amhara Fano Resistance and Counter-Offensive emerged out of the primordial instinct for survival ! The genocidal Abiy kleptocracy committed horrific acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the AMHARAs, who exhibited extraordinary patience and forbearance in the face of various levels of atrocity against them over 45 years some of the worst genocidal massacres having been perpetrated in the last five years ! Hence the cause of the Amhara resistance is abundantly justified !

The Amhara armed resistance is only a few months old, but it has already shown remarkable progress in terms of singleness of purpose, organisation, popular support and success on the battlefield ! The Abiy regime denied delivery of fertilizer to Amhara peasants during the planting season, implying attempts to weaponize hunger as a means of subjugation and possibly of mass murder! The unintended consequence has been a massive peasant uprising against the regime, which has automatically allied with the Fano insurrection !

Progressive improvement in the supply of military personnel and provisions , logistics, organisation, and mass support is turning the Fano Resistance into a formidable fighting force ! Time is on Fano’s side as it is being utilized for sensitising the entire Ethiopian people about the sinister intentions and objectives of the Abiy regime ! Fano’s morale and fighting spirit have grown in intensity and outreach !

By contrast, Abiy’s genocidal kleptocracy is being increasingly shunned by the people as it continues to wage civil war against the AMHARAs and foment strife and conflicts in Welayeta, Gambella, Affar and Gurage ! Political divisions in the top leadership and humiliating reverses in several battles in Amhara killil have weakened the regime’s grip on power which indicates that time is working against the genocidal kleptocracy !

The major factors working against the regime include the following:

1.ignobleness of its core objectives.

2.loss of popular support.

3.unbearably worsening economic hardship including hyperinflation and burgeoning unemployment.

4.increasing criticism and condemnation of the regime by the international community.

5.defection of soldiers from OPDO/OLF -dominated so-called Ethiopian army to the Fano Resistance and Counter-Offensive !

All the above-enumerated factors are in time working against the regime while the Fano Resistance and Counter-Offensive is visibly growing from strength to strength over time ! Time is definitely on Fano’s side !


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