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In the ancient land of Ethiopia, a nation known for its rich history and diverse cultures, a dark cloud has descended upon the Amhara people. As the world watches the unfolding tragedy, it becomes evident that the Amhara population, one of Ethiopia’s oldest and proudest communities, is suffering under the oppressive rule of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party.

The over 45 Million Amhara people, who have contributed significantly to Ethiopia’s political, cultural heritage and history, find themselves facing a series of atrocities that demand global attention and intervention. The Fano resistance, a grassroots movement born from the Amhara people’s desperation, is a symbol of their resistance against tyranny.

Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Wollega, Oromia Region:

The Amhara populace has been ensnared in a nightmarish web of ethnic cleansing and genocide within the Welega region, where extremist Oromo factions have unleashed a torrent of violence.

Innocent Amhara civilians endure brutal targeting and massacres, their lives fragmented by the specter of ethnic brutality. As of June 2023, regional government data confirms a staggering 580,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) scattered across 15 woredas/districts in Amhara.

Selective Amhara Ethnic Cleansing in the Capital:

A sinister plot unfurls as the administration of the capital city, steered by the Prosperity Party’s OPDO Oromo faction, embarks on a crusade to displace Amhara residents from the city and its environs, a campaign aimed at altering the capital’s demographic landscape. Homes are razed, leaving them bereft and homeless, a haunting reminder of displacement tactics harkening back to history’s darkest epochs.

Declaration of War on Amhara Region:

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has declared open hostilities against the Amhara region, ostensibly to disarm Amhara special forces and Fano civilian militias. This ominous declaration has spiraled into a vortex of violence and instability, exacerbating the anguish of the Amhara people.

Arbitrary Arrests of Amhara Politicians, Journalists, and Activists:

Dissent and opposition are met with ruthless suppression, as Amhara politicians, journalists, and activists who dare to voice their dissent against these injustices are arbitrarily incarcerated, rendering a bleak tableau of eroding democracy and stifled freedom of expression.

Concentration Camps without Due Process:

Shockingly, the Ethiopian government has rounded up over 100,000 Amhara individuals and herded them into concentration camps without due process, a flagrant violation of human rights that evokes harrowing  recollections of history’s darkest episodes.

Systematic Intimidation and Abuse:

Under Abiy Ahmed’s rule, a police state has metastasized in Ethiopia, casting a pall of perpetual fear over Amhara citizens. They grapple with systemic intimidation, abuse, and capricious detentions by security forces operating beyond the boundaries of the judicial system, dismantling the pillars of justice and the foundations of an equitable society.

The plight of the Amhara people under Ethiopia’s current administration should elicit profound concern from the international community. The world must coalesce in condemnation of these heinous atrocities and issue an urgent call for action to alleviate the agony afflicting the Amhara population.

Ethiopia’s rich heritage, vibrant culture, and aspirations for a brighter tomorrow hang precariously in the balance. It is our moral imperative to stand in unwavering solidarity with the Amhara people and labor tirelessly toward a more inclusive, just, peaceful, and democratic Ethiopia. The time for action is upon us.

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